Hi there I’m Jarle and this is my personal blog; mainly about physichal computing, Raspberry Pi and hacking electronics. I am a Technology Teacher but drifted into the wonderful world of coding at the birth of the Raspberry Pi in 2012. When I started ‘syntax-err0r’ in 2014 I was fresh and new to the world of blogging and by no means an expert programmer – I am still not really a Code-Ninja. My blog has evolved as I realised that keeping it simple makes for better content ; writing well about what I know as opposed to writing lots about everything (I don’t know). A major milestone was passed this year when I finally managed to set up my own NGINX webserver on a Raspberry Pi 3 at home – having full control over hosting is a good feeling. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions , improvements and topics you’d like me to cover – I like a challenge now and then.

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