Beginners  Glossary:

Lets have a quick look at the very basic commands you should know in terminal – even as a beginner:

  • Start desktop from terminal: startx
  • Navigate command: cd
  • Make folder: mkdir
  • Super User command: sudo
  • Set ‘Admin Mode’: su root
  • Update software index files: apt-get update
  • Update actual software files: apt-get upgrade
  • Update Linux Distribution (OS): apt-get dist-update
  • Reboot Pi from Terminal: reboot
  • Shutdown from Terminal: halt
  • Change User password: sudo passwd
  • Change Admin password: sudo passwd root
  • Access to Configuraton Tool: sudo raspi-config
  • Access to Sound Mixer: amixer
  • To clear screen: clear
  1. cd /home/pi will take you to your ‘home folder’ 
  2. mkdir test will make a folder named ‘test’ in your directory
  3. sudo reboot will reboot your  pi without having to type password
  4. su root will get you into admin or ‘superuser’ mode
  5. sudo halt will shutdown your Pi.

 Stay tuned for more commandeering 😛

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