Wow !! What can I say ?!? Just awesome !! First Croydon Raspberry Jam and I think it’s fair to say that it exceeded all our expectations !!

First of all I need to extend a big thank you to all of our volunteers who made this event such a success , the ‘honours list’ at the bottom of the page. As you might guess a fair amount of planning and organisation goes into an event like this – and this was well and truly a team effort – big thank you to Margaret,  Monique and everybody at the LNK unit. I also have to mention my former employer Woolwich Polytechnic School for providing us with Monitors , cables and Raspberry Pi’s – something a Raspberry Jam will not run without. A Raspberry Jam does not run without fuel aka food and drink ; loads of lovely nibbely cakes were provided by Brakes Food Market – deeeliish.

A proud moment for both of us ; I would NOT have done this of without Margaret ; an incredibly focused, organised and lovely person to work with. Thank you Margaret .

I think we knew that it would be a busy day with ticket holders appearing at the doors 1/2 hour before start ; and boy did they keep us busy, nice busy though.

A snapshot of workshops at Croydon Raspberry Jam – anything from coding to hands-on soldering , Sonic – Pi and electronics.

So we had 4 workshops going ; Sonic Pi, MineCraft, intro to Scratch & GPIO and a soldering workshop – this running on a carousel of 5 x 5 x 5 x 5. We were fortunate to also have a wide range of show and tell stalls ; all ranging from Raspberry Pi aficionados like Averageman to more Advanced Tech Startups  such as Pi-Top and Wyliodrin.

As all workshops were sold out we had a few ‘wait list ticket holders ‘ but it’s fair to say that ther was plenty to bide the time with ; Doug Jeffrey’s Dalek and AverageMan’s Raspberry Pi Rover were popular distractions. Once all workshops were running it is fair to say that time flew past all of us -great enthusiasm and positive energy. We managed to squeeze an extra slot of workshops in before 16:00 – all credit to the crews running the workshops.

A few short clips – varying quality but hey its a jam 😛


Roll of Honours list:

MIneCraft Workshop: Mick Rideout, Reed Roberts

Sonic Pi: Paul Sinnett,  Saleha Salahudin , Alexa Sage

Scratch GPIO workshop: Christopher Taylor,  Jarle Teigland

Soldering Workshop: Ryan Burwood, Lorraine Sanchez

(Sonic Pi Disco workshop : Derek Shaw :P)

Just being a STAR(s) : DeclanEliza & LNK Crew + many many more . . . .



cropped    ModMyPi      4tronix_ebay


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  1. Saleha says:

    It was a fantastic day. Big thanks to Alexa who helped me and Paul at Sonic Pi station.

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