You could have done worse on a soggy London afternoon than taking a trip up to Whitechapel for a ‘Jam Packed’ Kano hack and code session. Even at the point of entering the space behind the Fox & Ginger pub I realised this was going to be a very busy event.


A very busy and successful London Jam – well done Team Kano !

Nice bright Orange Kano Kits generously decked out in the hall gave everyone an opportunity to have a go at a very well designed and engineered kit. A wide range of activities taking place – with a multitude of exciting hack and code kits apart from the Raspberry Pi.

The Star attraction was the brilliant Kano kit – fantastic involvement from all ages ; from ‘building’ the computer to boot up and coding.

So this was not a traditional Raspberry Jam as we know it as there was a range of other technologies on display ; Arduino , MakeyMakey , Virtual Reality and a great range of show and tell.

Interactive Banana's !?!? Yup MAkey Makey

Interactive Banana’s !?!? Yup MakeyMakey is a great experimental Arduino based platform – here manipulating Minecraft with bananas !


The really important aspect of these events whether its Code Club or a ‘Raspberry Jam’ is the family involvement – no less so with this London Jam;  Learning can be fun – even for us adults.


Great to see families involved – the enthusiasm is infectious; here exploring littlebits – a great kit for introduction to hardware hacking and coding.


There are always notable achievements and innovations demonstrated at Jam’s  and events; Zachary Igielman brought his PiPiano; 14 years old and already a very promising developer. Another notable was Team Aber; Sailbot innovators – demonstrating a perfect marriage of traditional and new technology – very well presented; please support these guys.

Team Aber showing off their

Team Aber showing of on of their brilliant ‘Pi Powered’ SailBots , the team is currently working on a larger version that will cross the Atlantic – autonomously.


It was as usual also  a chance to catch up with friends,  fellow geeks and developers – exchange ideas or just have a geeky good time.

Infectious enthusiasm or what ?? Kids having a great time & learning at the same time !
Yes I know, it’s a radical concept 😛

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