PiBakery was conceived by David Ferguson a young and very talented up and coming programmer who is very active in the PiCommunity. I think the genius of this piece of software is that it uses’ drag&drop’ blocks aka Scratch to write the SD-Cards in a very intuitive and visual way. It is available for both PC and Mac with complete instructions here see screenshots from a Mac below. The only thing I will say about the Pibakery is the download / installation size which does NOT make it a lightweight installer at 2Gb compared to Etchers 60Mb or ApplePiBaker‘s 2.2Mb, this due to the inclusion of the Raspian Jessie .img

Daniels website is very easy to navigate through

after completing download – installation is very familiar

On install choose which version of Raspian – or both !

As you can se here it is very easy to configure your SD card for VNC / SSH options , web server and advanced network settings – this before 1st boot.


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