On the 10th May we saw another Raspberry Pi Jamboree launched, and I think it is fair to say it was the most eventful Jam to date in terms of activities and workshops. Brilliantly organised by Michael and Tim – and very well facilitated by the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge, thanks to Andy Batey .

See the full authorised writeup from Michael Horne at the CamJam website here
or the RaspberryPi foundation here.

This was a  hugely successful family event, everybody involved.


Matthew from Team Kano dropped in to show off their geek kit;
a great keyboard, very desirable package.


Matt Manning getting 2 young ‘Raspbians’ involved in a sensor workshop.


Gee Bartlett leading the ‘Solder Ninja’ workshops ;
we all went through a fair bit of ‘lead-free’  this Saturday.


Hefty demand for the soldering workshops, generously sponsored by PiMoRoNi


Clare MacRae leading the temperature / motion sensor workshop.


Zach is already leading workshops at the age of 14 and is a brilliant software engineer in the making. Zach is here taking Stewart Dunn from Kre8 through the line sensor workshop.


This Young ‘Raspbian’ obviously pleased as punch with his sensor project working.


All photographs taken by  author  ©J.Teigland

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