In this blog I’ll be covering ScratchGPIO as there is a plethora of very good beginners Scratch tutorials on other sites. ScratchGPIO is unique in that it enables us to output directly to GPIO pins and also use most sensors without any interfaces or breakout boards. ScratchGPIO was developed by Simon Walters (Cymplecy) and has gone through a number of developments and updates to include a number of breakout boards – making it an ideal companion for Primary Schools as an introduction to programming. ScratchGPIO 6 (beta) is now being developed to be used with iPad’s via VNC and wireless networking – this is very useful for use with robotics. ScratchGPIO opens up on your Raspberry Pi as Scratch does and looks confusingly similar – the changes are under ‘the hood’ so to speak.

Pages under construction, please be patient !

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